Article written by Jonald Agbuya and Gina Iparba
Article written on 08 March 2017

We are now in the age where women’s responsibilities have doubled up and their role in the society has diversified. Women often balance their careers, social and family life, leaving them with lesser to almost no time for themselves. Pressure comes from everywhere and stress and unhealthy lifestyle put women at risk of developing female-specific diseases.

The Philippines has long been offering various medical services specially designed to cater to the growing demand for women’s healthcare. These services were mastered to address commonly acquired diseases which can be prevented, halted and cured through various screenings and tests.

Health & Leisure Philippines, partnered with Blissful Beginnings and Beyond – BBB Perinatology and Gynecology Clinic, a one-stop shop holistic women’s health services and comprehensive high-risk pregnancy medical group spearheaded by Dr. Berly Basinal-Balita a Perinatologist/ OB Sonologist with over 15 years of experience in advance ultrasound, prenatal diagnostics and management of complicated pregnancies locally and abroad to offer these four amazing hassle free packages for ladies of all ages.

 WWW (Well Women’s Work-up) Packages are as follows:

Genetic Predisposition Screening package offers tests which can assist in detecting one’s probability to acquire cancer, regardless of age, especially those who are predisposed with familial tendency. The advantage of this test is that it can specify and identify certain types of cancer which one may likely to have some time in one’s life. With that, the person can have a strong idea on how she can prevent acquiring the disease. This test became popular when celebrities started having themselves screened.

Well Women’s Work-up, Under 40 includes the commonly used Breast Ultrasound and the latest liquid-based thin prep Pap Smear with HPV DNA Test. Inflamed nodules and/or growth within the breast and surrounding tissue are being monitored while the smear is done to identify the women at risk to develop cervical cancer as well as evaluate and detect pre-cancer lesions of the uterine cervix, specifically HPV or Human Papilloma Virus.

Well Women’s Work-up, Beyond 40 has the same focus as the work up for women under 40 but includes Breast Sonomammography. This scan can examine the palpated breast lump deeper and can determine the character of the lump better; it may be fluid-filled or solid mass. It is a quick, non-invasive and painless procedure more advantageous than a plain breast ultrasound.

Lifestyle screening package is more active in targeting and profiling possibly acquired STIs (sexually transmitted infection).  These tests will specifically identify the type of STI one has acquired based on the character of symptoms presented and results of tests done, VIP (Vaginal Infection Profile). Each type of STI will display itself differently from the others thus proper medication and treatment can be obtained.

All four packages are inclusive of concierge service and a case manager who will assist clients all throughout their trip. To make the package more rewarding, H&L has provided complimentary full-body massage and shopping-mall transfer. Special rate optional tours and wellness packages can also be arranged together with these packages upon request.

Talk to us and plan your medical holiday soon.

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